Wednesday, February 10, 2010


There are obviously fewer Helena-isms because she doesn't talk much, but she has been saying and doing pretty cute things lately.
  • One day when I was making dinner, I heard a little voice saying "Yum, yum, mmmm!" I turned around and saw Helena on top of the table, eating an orange that she had peeled herself.
  • Helena has been wanting to sit at the big table instead of her high chair for a while now and one night she decided to take matters into her own hands. She dragged the child-size table and chairs into the middle of the room, sat down, and said "Here, sit here!"
  • She is very contrary lately. Everything is "I not..." She uses that phrase to tell us both what she thinks she is not (according to her she is not a girl nor is she Helena) and also to tell us what she doesn't like ("I not tickle", "I not scare")
  • She insists on only wearing her "Meow" bib and "Meow" pajamas--they have cats on them
  • Although she can say Tempe, she prefers to call her big sister "Sis", or sometimes "Tempe-sis"
  • The first thing she says to me in the morning is "Where Daddy? Work!"
  • Every morning for breakfast she has the same thing: oatmeal with dry cereal mixed in. That's how she rolls.
  • Her favorite food is by far "snack"--fruit snacks.
  • She is following in her big sister's footsteps and insisting on having a veritable menagerie of stuffed animals in her bed with her: a pig ("Oink"), a monkey, a bunny, a lamb ("Waah"), a Carebear, and "Other Bear". That's not even counting Ho (her stuffed Santa) and Christmas Baby, and her pillow and "blank", her paci, her cuppy, and her wind-up music toy. Whew!
  • She thinks she is ready to sit on the toilet like Tempe, so every once in a while I let her sit on it until she says "I done" and wants to flush the toilet. So far, nothing has happened.
  • She takes off all her clothes, including her shirt (Tempe can't even do that yet...) during naptime. Luckily, she has only managed to get her diaper off once.
  • She likes to wear a pair of panties over her diaper
  • If she sees you put your shoes or jacket on, she says "Bye, bye!" and blows kisses until you leave the house


Mrs. Davis @ The Carolina Housewife said...

Kate, that's so adorable.

My favorite by far is "I done" on the potty. LOL! A for effort, Helena!

The Mommy Teacher said...

so cute! My youngest is really into the undies over the diaper thing too... She is mostly still only saying 'uh' all the time, but I am sure her thoughts are pretty funny:) Thanks for sharing.