Saturday, March 20, 2010

Family field trips

Lately we have been doing fun things as a family almost every single Saturday. We've gone to Ikea (fun for me), basketball games, movies, parks, and other fun places. Here are a couple from the past few months!
Tempe and Helena's first BYU sporting event. We chose to start with basketball because it's climate controlled and we could take them out to run around if they got rowdy. Surprisingly, we didn't have to take either of them out even once--they both LOVED it!

Jason's mom is so good about saving things from when her kids were little--this is Jason's old BYU sweatshirt. I think it's my most treasured possession.

We have a zoo pass, so a trip to the zoo is always a fun family outing. The three tiger cubs and their mom were prowling their enclosure right up by the glass when we were there this day!

My friend Tanya told me about a great park nearby, so we combined a trip to a new bakery and a visit to the park and had a picnic lunch. This park has a neat playground, but also is home to hundreds--seriously--of ducks, geese, and swans.

Their day couldn't get any better after this.

Today we went down to Provo to go to the Bean Museum (taxidermy--they have an elephant, a rhino, a crocodile, and some other huge animals) and the BYU bookstore, hang out with my brother, eat at In-N-Out and get donuts from Krispy Kreme. We don't have any of those things where we live!
One of our favorite activities so far has been going to see The Princess and the Frog (which I loved, by the way, but that's another post) in the local dollar theatre. This particular theatre has been in operation since the '30s--and has been a family business the entire time. We could tell that everyone there had been there many times, because they all booed and cheered at the same time during the "Don't litter in the theatre" preview. Don't you love finding local, family-owned businesses to support? And for $3 a ticket, it's a place we can actually afford to support!


Margaret said...

Awesome family fun times! You're creating great memories for your kids. :)

Holland Blog said...

we have a krispy kreme in Layton actually! sounds like you guys are having lots of fun! we should get our kids together soon

Jamie said...

how fun! I didn't know they had in-n-out in provo?! Crazy! We have krispy and in-n-out down the street here and thought it was pretty special! So glad you guys are "up to no good!" Go get LOST Tonight!