Wednesday, March 31, 2010

that one is two

if you look at the picture of Helena (courtesy Margaret) on my sidebar, you'll notice I updated her age: she's two!!
Yesterday was my sweet girl's birthday, and I just can't believe she's two! She's been acting like a two-year-old for a while now (complete with kicking and screaming tantrums) but she is such a darling that I don't mind in the least.
She loves to talk on the phone, and carries my phone around all day saying "Hi Grandpa. Yeah, yeah. Sure. Ok. Bye."
Her favorite song is "I Love to See the Temple" and she wants us to sing it about a billion times before she will go to sleep at night.
She uses verbs as nouns--a chair is a "sit", a book is a "read".
She says "No, thank you" when she doesn't want something. She even screams it during her tantrums when I am trying to force her to get dressed, or get a diaper change, or something else really horrible.
She hates bugs and dirt and anything "yucky" (Complete opposite of her older sister, who loves digging in a muddy pit)
She recognizes the letter "E"--really!
She adores her sister and wants to do everything she does--and luckily, Tempe adores her as well!! They are the best of friends.
Every day when I look at my girls, I count my blessings. They are such a joy to me!