Monday, June 7, 2010

my southern roots coming back to haunt me

In the south, cotton grows on bushes close to the ground, and it can't fly around and drive you insane.
In the west, it grows on trees, like this:

And it does drive you insane.
Look, if you've never had a cottonwood tree, you're not going to believe me when I try to explain how horrible it is. But my yard looks like it's been dusted by snow, every time I open any door a big wad of cotton blows in, and it keeps getting way up my nose and stuck to the roof of my mouth.
We still have cotton in our garage from last year. You can't sweep it because it just floats up in the air and hangs there until you put your broom away and then it settles on the ground again.
Please be over soon.


Candi said...

We bought our house in May. Had NO CLUE what was coming. Just a few weeks after moving in our air conditioner went out -- came to find out it had gotten cotton stuck in it. I've cursed the stuff ever since.

Stephens Family said...

Yes, I hate the stuff too. But, if you pretend you're in a snowglobe, it's kind of cool. Positive thinking, right?! :)