Monday, July 26, 2010

a name experiment

Have you ever thought you really liked a name--liked how it looked written down and how it sounded when you thought it--but decided it wasn't that great after saying it a couple of times?
You say your child's name a lot.
You yell your child's name a lot.
The other day, me and my girls were the only people at our neighborhood park. I decided to take advantage of the deserted playground and test-drive some of the names on my list. So while the girls played, I would shout out something like "Olive! Stop throwing sand at your sister!!" every few minutes.
{Olive really is on my list, but Jason has already vetoed it, so I feel safe sharing it here}
It was a very helpful exercise. A couple of names weren't as great being yelled across a playground as they were in my head--but my #1 all time favorite name (plus a variation on it) passed the test!


Mrs. Davis @ The Carolina Housewife said...

Interesting experiment, that's for sure. But young kids, yup, they definitely have their name yelled, so what a great idea!

I love the names of both your girls and am looking forward to hearing what you guys come up with for the newest baby! :-)

J'Nette said...

i seriously died laughing, love this. favorite post of i dont remember how long!