Thursday, July 22, 2010


Tempe and Helena are 18 months apart.
I guess I thought that since they are so close in age and they are being raised in the same home by the same parents, they might be more alike.
But they are so not alike.
Today it was about 95 degrees so we went to our favorite park to play in the creek. I sat on a huge flat rock in the middle of the creek with my feet dangling in the water and watched my two very different girls.
Helena liked throwing rocks into the water from the bank or the rock where I was sitting; she didn't like walking in the water (and heaven forbid you try to make her step in the mud!) and she refused to take her shoes off. After a while, she started saying "I go back my home now, 'kay, Mom?" But an orange appeased her.
Tempe's shoes came off as soon as we got to the creek, and she played happily for half an hour and would have stayed for days if I had let her. She loved squishing her toes in the mud, climbing up the overgrown banks and finding "secret paths", and sitting in the water (and she was not in her bathing suit, by the way). A girl after my own heart--I spent half my childhood splashing in the creek behind our house.
I love my kids.

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Lora said...

Yeah...what that guy said. Oh wait, I have no clue what they said. But anyways, I've got 4 kiddos and they are nothing alike! They just come with such individual personalities, its amazing to me!