Friday, August 13, 2010

this is water

First of all, some pictures from the little graduation party I had a few nights ago.
As is my custom, I took pictures of the food but not of the festivities or guests.

Yummy mini cupcakes from So Cupcake in Salt Lake.

Can you tell what school I went to? We have a lot of BYU memorabilia, courtesy D.I.

Me and Jason.

Me and my parents.

Me and my family with Jason's parents (this was after the ceremony and the girls were a little antsy)
Overall, it was a very good, though somewhat surreal, day. Even when I was actually walking across the stage, I didn't really feel like I belonged there--I guess since I haven't actually taken a class on BYU campus for over 5 years (how on earth has it been so long??)
Listening to the valedictorian speak about the many challenges we graduates have overcome throughout our education made me reflect on the past 7 years and all that has happened to me since. When I started at BYU 7 years ago, I wouldn't have guessed that I would get married, move to Wyoming for 3 years, have 2 beautiful children, buy a house, and be pregnant with a 3rd baby all before graduating from college!! All of those wonderful things set me back a little from my educational goals, but none of them permanently--I was still able to finish! And of that, I am very proud.
Now my sister Kelsey is staying with us for about 2 weeks until she can move into her dorm at BYU--the same dorm I lived in when I started! I'm afraid I might drive her crazy over the next few weeks reliving my glory days.
This is my favorite picture from today--me and my 3 cheerleaders (Jason wouldn't wear the cheerlearer outfit I got for him)


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Lisa said...

That was a very special day for me. Kate, you have inspired me to continue my education. I'm going to apply to BYU Independent Study. Congratulations!

Jen said...

Yay, you're done!! Congratulations!

PS. I don't think I've ever seen you with your hair that long.

Honey said...

...the reason he wouldn't wear his cheerleading outfit is because everyone knows real men wear pink...not blue! Shesh! ;) Now..if you'd picked him up a pink one...he would have been happy to wear it with BYU proudly displayed on his chest.

Followed over from Organizing Your Way. I'm a Conquerer of Chaos too. At least the quiz I took in the magazine said so and I've enjoyed that 'title' for quite some time.

Congrats on graduating. I'm in school..again..too. It's so different with kids. Hubby's in school full time too.

Tips to share?


Honey said...

...ok...the chaos comment was probably confusing 'cause I mixed you up with controlling my chaos...

I've got to stop reading posts and opening things up in a new tab... But...I DID follow you over from Organizing your way...and Controlling Chaos from executive homemaker...SHESH!!! Is it obvious I need to subscribe to MORE organizing blogs?!? ;)


Rachel said...

I am so proud of you Kate! What an amazing example to all of us! We love you! -Rach & fam

Jennifer said...

I did the same thing, starting , then stopping, getting married, having a bay and then deciding that I really want to finish my diploma. I did it by correspondance because I had also changed continents. My son was under one and I spent time during his naps and the evening doing my course work. The maturity I had gained helped me get the best grades I had ever had in university.
Good for you! You must be very proud! Congratulations.