Monday, September 27, 2010

One of the best ideas come to life

Almost two years ago I wrote on my old blog about some of my brilliant ideas, including my best idea of all time: The ReGifting Shop.
It's a brilliant concept. The idea came to me after we got married and received multiple George Foreman grills and blenders, but no toasters. Some of the duplicate gifts we could return; but most of them we didn't have gift receipts for and so we were stuck with them. I ended up giving quite a few small kitchen appliances to my brother and my old roommate.
That's where The ReGifting Shop comes in. They will buy the unusable, unreturnable gifts from you for a percentage of the retail value, and then resell them for less than the retail value. So you get money for something that otherwise would just take up space and collect dust, and you can also buy needed small appliances and other homegoods for less than the retail cost!
My brilliant brother Tyler, who is in the business school at BYU, has decided to dive into the world of business and try his hand at The ReGifting Shop! Check it out here or help him out by taking a really short (I promise) survey here.

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andrea said...

that is seriuosly an awesome idea. i have a box of things that could go to such a place.