Wednesday, June 15, 2011

an enchanted treehouse

We built a treehouse!!!!

I've had this plan floating around in my head for at least a year and I finally acted on it last week after I found a cheap used slide.

It's not very big--in fact, it's more like a platform with a slide coming down. Still, it's perfect for two little girls to climb all over.

There's a slide coming from the platform and a swing hanging from a branch over to the side.

It's the perfect little leafy getaway for eating lunch or reading!

I have a vision of turning this corner of the yard into an enchanted hideaway for the girls, filled with fairies and gnomes and butterflies to keep them company, and old stumps, rocks, and toadstools to sit on and entertain their guests. I was inspired in part by this darling fairy garden. And someday we might need an outdoor mud pie kitchen like this one.

And to start us off is this little toadstool, inspired by these. I made it out of a stump that we had to cut down when we built the treehouse and an old wooden salad bowl from DI that I spraypainted. I looooooove it. Isn't it darling?


Christie said...

Awesome!! I would've LOVED that when I was younger. Okay. I'd probably still play on it now.

gjan said...

It is so cute! I especially love the toadstool.

Mushu, Leader of the Frog People said...

Kate it looks fantastical! I love the way the slide (or sliding board, if you're as old as your dad) is nestled right between the two large tree trunks And I'm amazed at the ingenious toadstool (or is a mushroom?).

Meg said...

Oh my heck!! You are so creative and thrifty!! You inspire me! I LOVE the mushroom :)