Saturday, November 12, 2011

adventures in thrifting

It's no secret that I love going to D.I. I find a lot of great stuff there--like my most favorite piece of furniture ever. I know that whenever I'm looking for something specific for my house or a party, all I have to do is go to D.I. often enough and I am bound to find it!

So my latest "thing" is globes. I have this vision of filling the top shelves of our new gigantic bookshelves with globes. Globes of all different sizes, conditions, and eras. So far I have two and I'm hoping to find seven more.

I know I have seen globes at my local D.I. Lots of globes, all the time! But now that I am looking for so many, they have all disappeared. Have you ever noticed how that happens???

Today I got a feeling. That "Get to the D.I. quick, it's there!!" feeling. So Helena and I rushed over. As soon as I walked to the back of the store, to the books and collectibles section, I saw it. A perfect, beat-up, completely outdated globe.

In someone else's shopping cart.

But I am pretty bold when it comes to thrifting, so I asked the elderly man near by if that was his cart.

"Yes, why?"

"Oh, I've just been looking for a globe for months..."

"Take it! I like the older ones better, anyway."

I was ecstatic. Thanks, old man! You really made my day.

Then at the checkstand, the cashier noticed there was no price tag. She called her manager over, who said it was $5.

I jokingly said "That sounds about right--I'm here a lot and I have a pretty good feel for your prices."

Her response?

"You do come here a lot. I recognized you and your daughter."

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