Tuesday, November 22, 2011

DI lamp makeover

So now that we have 8 1/2 foot by 12 foot bookcases in our living room, I needed to find enough things to fill them up. Honestly, we could have lined each shelf with books and filled every one (we have a lot of books), but I wanted to break it up just a little bit. The living room also needed major help with the lighting situation. Our house has really weird electrical--like two lights controlled by two different switches in the very, very small hall bath, but only two small recessed lights in the large, vaulted ceiling living room.

I've been hanging on to this lamp from DI for a while. It fits so nicely on the photo-album-shelf, right next to the couch. I really like the shape and the color, but it's really nothing special.

I decided to do something so cheap and so simple to make this lamp a little bit more exciting!


I bought skeleton keys from the $1 section at Michael's and hot glued them to the inside of the shade. When the lamp is off, it just looks like a plain white shade. But when it's on...

Isn't that more fun??? I just love that it's a little surprise every time I turn it on.

Also going on in this room: vintage globe collection. manual typewriter. still looking for new throw pillow/windowseat/curtain fabric.
I wish I had more keys (there are actually 4, spaced equally around the shade), but I got all the keys my Michael's had and they haven't made a reappearance :(

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