Thursday, December 8, 2011


After Helena and Juno and I picked Tempe up from preschool today, we came home to delicious crock pot hot cocoa and gingerbread rice krispie treats. When we were done with our snack, I put Juno down for a nap, and now Tempe and Helena are sitting by the fire, painting wooden animals for Juno's Christmas present, and watching The Royal Ballet's production of "The Nutcracker" from the 60s. They are both utterly enchanted.

It is the most magical afternoon we have ever had.


Katie Allen said...

That sounds like a Yummy snack! can you post or message me the recipes for both the Crockpot cocoa and the gingerbread krispies

Lisa said...

Those magical afternoons are the ones you will remember all your life. I have many such afternoons with you and your siblings in my sweet. Those times are what makes being a mother worth all the sacrifice.