Friday, January 20, 2012

Bedroom hell(p) part II

Thanks for all the comments/ideas/input on my last blog post!

Unfortunately, I am still having some trouble finding my vision. I just don't know what the heck to do with this room.

1)That giant ugly mirror alcove over our bed? Yeah, that's going to be completely covered by a reclaimed wood headboard (umm, that's a hipster way of saying a section of my next door neighbor's ratty old wood fence that I got for FREE). The fence section is weathered wood and I really don't want to paint it or do anything to it, but I also DO NOT want a shabby chic bedroom. So I'm hoping once I get it mounted on the wall, it doesn't look too country/shabby chic because if it does, I will just cry. If you follow me on Pinterest, check out my master bedroom board and you'll see a couple inspiration photos.

2) Ugly wall sconces. Ugly, ugly, ugly. '80s. Builder grade. Yuck. I have two semi-ok light fixtures that I got at DI a while ago, but they are very blah and unextraordinary. Not really what I want, but better than nothing. They are kind of fake oil-rubbed bronze, so I'm trying to decide what color to spray paint them: white? gold? white with a gold patina? white but glazed?

3) Speaking of the wall sconces, they are currently on the wall with our brown dresser. Brown as in painted brown because it was so ugly, not nice stained wood brown. Do I paint it white? Coral like the bedside tables? Do I just get rid of it all together? We can fit all our clothes in our closet, so we really don't need it. But if I do that, what do I put there? I would love a pair of awesome chairs, but our budget for new furniture is $the cost of the furniture from DI + $the cost of the spraypaint to refinish it = not realistic.

4) Curtains. The window is so tall that I don't know where to find CHEAP curtains that will still give me a nice puddle. I just want sheer white curtains!!

5) The windowseat. It has a super nice cushion with a really nice velvet cover on it--but it's forest green. Ugh. It would cost about $25 to recover, I think, which is not too bad, but what fabric do I choose???? I'm seriously considering taking the cushion off and stenciling the windowseat instead of a wall. We NEVER sit on it. Ever.

6) I just want some nice white bedding with colored sheets and fun throw pillows. We already have a down comforter but I can't find a duvet cover I like in my price range. I know I could just sew one together from 2 sheets, but do I really have to? Since the down comforter is white and I want a white bedspread, can't we just use that?



Anonymous said...

I have no tips, but I am sure that it will look wonderful once you are done.

StacE said...

Don't get discouraged! You always come up with very creative ideas :)

Katie Allen said...

Do you have an IKEA near you? They usually have VERY good deals and their duvet covers are VERY reasonable!

mollypool said...

Yes, Ikea is a great source for textiles, including duvet covers, curtains, and fabric for recovering your cushions. If you don't have one near you, you can order online (probably not raw fabric though). These are the curtains my mom has in my childhood bedroom:

They are really pretty! Sheer with a sort of floral pattern. All Ikea curtains are very, very long and unhemmed so you can be sure they'll fit.

Here are their duvet covers:

Just make sure you check the thread count and if it has a snap closure at the bottom because some of them are kind of cheap.

Good luck! I can't wait to see the results.