Friday, February 3, 2012

New mom gift: labor survival kit

So a few weeks ago, my dear sister in law Rachel had her fourth baby girl (in less than 6 years!!) I was so excited to get a new niece, so I decided to make a little gift for Rachel to help get her here. We had a playdate planned for Rachel's due date (her last baby was 5 days late), so I put a labor survival kit together the night before. Unfortunately, in the morning when I called to confirm our playdate, Rachel was already in labor!! She managed to make it through her labor without the survival kit, but I gave it to her that night when I visited to meet my sweet little niece.

This survival kit had something for before, during and after labor. Before: "labor cookies", which is really just gingersnaps with cayenne pepper--the spice is supposed to put you into labor. They are soooo good. I ate about 10 before I wrapped them up for the kit. During: a few headband elastics and a back massager. After: a book, some yummy smelling lotion, and a pack of thank-you notes (I always finish mine up while I'm in the hospital). I think new moms should be pampered while they are in the hospital!!

Another thing that is great for this kind of thing is a rice bag that can be heated up in the microwave. One of my labors just felt like super intense menstrual cramps and a heating pad would have been soooo nice to have in early labor! Even if you don't use it while you are in labor, they are wonderful to have after the baby has arrived and those lovely afterbirth pains are making you want to die all over again every time you try to nurse. How unfair is that? Seriously. You go through nine months of misery, who knows how many hours of labor and delivery, but no, it's not over, you still have to have horrible contractions for another week. Lame!!!!!!

And since little Dina arrived before Rachel got her labor survival kit, I made up this little "I am a Child of God" printable for her, too :)

PS: My mom is the best. She always sends me a book, fuzzy socks, chocolates, and a gift card for "after baby" clothes. Isn't that sweet?

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andrea said...

love this!!
my sister is pregnant and I am already looking forward to making this kind of thing for her!