Saturday, February 18, 2012

Summer evenings

I'm not even finished in my own bedroom makeover, but I'm already starting to think of what I would love to do in my girls' room! It won't happen for a year or two, because we have to decide who will be in which room long-term. Right now we have Tempe and Helena in the smaller bedroom and Juno in the bigger one (??? I don't know why....)

*Tangent* Our house has three bedrooms--a huge master and two very small, awkwardly positioned kids' bedrooms. Both are arranged in such a way that there is only one place to put a twin bed in either room (due to closets, windows, doors, heating ducts, etc). It's annoying. I feel like I could have designed much better bedrooms, a much better use of space. So in at least one, we are hoping to rip out the closets and move them to the other side of the room so we can fit two twin beds in that room instead of a bunk bed. So, a little more of a project than just redecorating!

But when we do decide who will be where, I have some great ideas for a summer evening inspired bedroom: citrus color scheme, firefly jars, paper lanterns, and this awesome awning as a window treatment.

And since Picnik is closing in April (sob!), I made a bunch of summer evening printables to hang in the someday summer evening inspired bedroom:

My friend Danielle has this design as her blog header--hope she doesn't mind I copied her!!

Saw this one on Pinterest and made my own... sorry, I didn't pin it, so I can't give you the original source. I looooove it because my sweet little Tempe has adorable freckles sprinkled across her cheeks and nose.

I've seen things like this allll over the internet, but I made this one.

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