Wednesday, February 29, 2012

you know how Mormons are about Leap Day

{at least you do if you watch 30 Rock}
Happy Leap Day! This year we decided to make the most of our extra 24 hours and one second and do some things we've always wanted to do with our girls but just haven't gotten around to.
First up on our list: the exotic fruit stand at Harmon's!
We told Tempe and Helena they could choose any fruit they wanted for our lunch.

Tempe ended up with a horned melon and Helena chose the cutest little baby pineapple!

The baby pineapple was just like a normal pineapple, only it's core was edible. I just cut it into chunks--it was so sweet and tender! The horned melon was a little tougher to figure out. The tag at the store said it was similar to a cucumber. I did a google search on how to prepare it and it said to slice it down the middle, scoop out the jelly-like middle, and cut it into slices like a watermelon. As you can see, it looked a little different than that description when I cut into it! I couldn't bring myself to try it, but Tempe and Helena loved it.

Our next Leap Day activity was a family art party. We bought everyone a canvas and spent half an hour creating works of art to hang in Tempe and Helena's bedroom. Helena just did an abstract painting, but Tempe did a tree with blossoms and grass and flowers all around.

Finally, we got a bucket of KFC (Tempe loooooooves fried chicken and we never have it) and watched Star Wars Episode IV (Helena looooooooves Star Wars!)

All in all, a successful day, though I was a bit moody, and if you watched Modern Family tonight, you will understand why :p

ps: Juno is still a part of our family... she's too young to choose a fruit or paint a picture, but we promise she had a great Leap Day, too.


Jamie said...

super cute ideas:) What a fun family day!

Claire said...

Awesome! Love that your husband was so involved with it too :)