Friday, March 30, 2012

Super Helena is four!

My darling Helena Louise turned four yesterday!
She is so funny, creative, smart, energetic, and happy. We're so glad she's our little girl!
Helena loves Spiderman, Harry Potter, and Star Wars. She talks often about her family--not her Mom and Dad family, her kid family. She's the mom and she has several kids: Darth Maul, Christmas Baby, and Spiderman. Harry Potter is her husband. They have a happy life together.
She is super excited to go to preschool and dance class this fall. She practices dance class all the time, spinning on her heel and doing the splits.
She is pretty crazy emotional--she's always really, really happy or really, really sad. Wonder where she gets that?
To celebrate her birthday, we had a superkid party today.
Helena was thrilled to put on the superkid costume that I laid out for her. She wore it all day long!
The backdrop of our superkid lunch table is a city skyline that I drew on butcher paper (it's hard to see). It was the backdrop, and then after lunch I took it down for the kids to color.
For lunch, we had super strength (spinach and cream cheese pinwheels), laser vision enhancers (carrots), energy burst (PB energy balls), and sonic blasters (grapes), with water from the hydration station.

I sent each kid home with a make-your-own comic book kit. Included in the kit are two comic book template pages (made on Picnik), a handful of star shaped crayons, and a few lightning bolt and graphic pop stickers.
For activities, I had the kids color the skyline banner and we did a few superkid games. I wrapped a shoebox in butcher paper and drew windows on it. The kids jumped over it--leaping a tall building in a single bound! My next door neighbor brought over a bundle of helium balloons, and we used them as villains that the kids could punch. We also played don't let the balloon touch the ground/pop the balloon (depending on the kid!) and had a Spiderman spray (silly string) war.
Helena and her best friend Sophie. These two play together twice a week and NEVER fight!

Silly string war!
Helena was so happy to have all the attention on her and to blow out the sparkler candles on her lime cupcakes. Yum, yum!


Claire said...

SO SO SO fun :) you're SUPER creative!

RATCH said...

I loved all your cute ideas and activities! What a fun Mom you are.

Rachel said...

Cute party idea!