Tuesday, June 19, 2012

booty shakin'

So in my ward (church congregation), I teach the 7- and 8-year old Primary (children's organization) class every other week. This is my first calling in Primary--I've been in Enrichment (women's activities) ever since we got married. It's been about eight months now, and I think I've finally got it figured out. Dealing with a bunch of 7-year-olds can be pretty crazy!
Normally I only have to teach every other week so I can still occasionally attend Relief Society (women's organization), but summer = vacations, out-of-town guests, family events, etc, and so I've either been in Primary or absent for quite a while now. 
This was the first week since the beginning of May that I was actually at my own ward and not in Primary. 
Yay! I was so excited to go to RS and be with other adult women, learning about the Gospel from an adult standpoint, especially because my cute friend Tiffany was teaching.
(You did great, by the way, Tiffany!)
Not to mention that Juno is now 19 months old and therefore officially in Nursery (baby class)!!! That was a happy day.
Well, there I was, in the middle of the middle row in the RS room, enjoying Tiffany's lesson on revelation, when I thought I heard Helena screaming in the hall.
"Must be someone else's kid, Helena is in Primary," I thought to myself.
Then the RS door swung open.
I think I will automatically look at the door to see if it's my kid that needs help even when I am 100.
There was one of the members of the Primary presidency. There was Helena, pulling in hitching breaths in her arms.
I excused myself, climbed over all the people sitting by me, and went out to the hall. Helena must have gotten her finger pinched or fallen off a chair or something-I would give her a quick hug and be back to the lesson in just a minute.
"There are some visitors today, so Helena's class is a little rowdy," the PP said apologetically. I braced myself to hear what some little ruffian had done to my baby. "It seems that Helena pulled her panties down and showed everyone her bum."
I apologized profusely, took Helena from the PP, and gave her a stern talking to in the foyer. Her response was that church is boring and she is just a kid and kids don't know any better.
Yeah, that's my kid: the one that feels Sunday School needs a little livening up so she moons the class while singing "shake your booty, shake your booty!"
If you've ever heard her sing that song or dance, you'll be able to imagine it pretty accurately.
I guess I need to stop shaking my booty so much at home. That's where she learns it, you know.


Christie said...

Bahahaha! I think you should blame Jason. I certainly plan on blaming all of Angela's antics on Ryan.

Cammie Larsen said...

LOL! such personality! i love it.


Haaaaaaaa! That is so funny (of course easy to say because it wasn't MY kid:)) You really should be a better example... at least keep your clothes on when you are shaking your booty at home! and don't worry, you didn't miss much while you were out.

Stephens Family said...

Love it! And I love that she has a realistic reason and explanation for it. Keep this trick in mind - sometimes the adult Sunday School class could use a little livening up! :)

Kate said...

Kellie, I agree, I think someone should start shaking their booty in SS one week. Maybe Quentin...? Tiff, I thought it was hilarious too. Christie, you KNOW it's Jason she gets it from!