Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dresser into desk!

Back when I did my first bedroom mini-makeover (accent wall, new quilt, etc), I got a little dresser from DI for our clothes. It had a nice shape, but wasn't very functional. Too small, no runners on the drawers so it was hard to open, you get the picture.
Well, I've had this idea in my head for quite a while, and a few weeks ago, I pulled out my handy jigsaw (which I love--used it here and here and for a couple other things) and went to work.
The result?

My non-functional dresser (no idea why I took the picture from only the drawers up) is now the hub of my mom command station!

I took out the bottom two drawers, cut the supports off, and gave the whole thing a new paint job. Voila! New desk. I put it where the kids old art table was, next to our red couch in the family room. I was worried it would look too crowded, but it fits in just perfectly and doesn't feel crowded at all.
I've had the chair in my garage for over a year, just waiting for a makeover, and I really love how it turned out. This picture was taken before I really "moved in" to my new desk, so I added the captions so my lovely readers could get the whole idea. I'm excited to have a space of my own that I can use to keep our family organized--especially with Tempe starting school soon!
What are your best organization tips for all the paperwork that keeps a household running smoothly?


The Hiller Family said...

Best advice for papers - try to keep everything in some sort of electronic device! I'm lucky enough to have an iPhone and am able to keep everything on there via my iMac since they sync so well. Calendars for home, family, church, YW and everything are on there. Documents as well!!
Also make binders for stuff and keep them where they belong. Ethan's is in his closet, YW is in my church bag, and so on. A lot of other stuff can be scanned onto your computer to look at it that way!
We also pay most of our bills online and go with paperless billing and automatic payments when reasonable possibly! Saves time for me, paper and I don't have to sit and write out checks!! So awesome!
Good luck! I love the cute desk! Central location is key!!

Sarah said...


My organization for papers is simply keeping bills where I can see them so I don't forget about them. Things pretty much just pile up at the side of the desk for months until I get tired of the mess enough to do something about it.