Sunday, August 26, 2012

hey kid!

Dear Tempe,
Six years ago, I was getting ready to have you. I was excited to hold my baby in my arms after nine long months, but nervous about becoming a mother.
Now my little "baby" has grown up and I'm getting ready to send you off to school. I'm excited to watch you grow and mature, gain knowledge and make friends, but all of this makes me nervous as well. You've always spent almost all of your time with me; you've always looked up to me, taken my word for everything, trusted me. Now I am going to step back and watch my big girl leave me. We'll have less time together and I'll have to trust that you are ready for it. What if your teacher doesn't understand you? What if the other kids tease you? What if you are lonely and miss your mom? Will I still be the biggest influence on your life? Will we still be able to pick up and go do fun things as a family?
I know that letting you go to school is right; I know that you are ready. I also know that after next Tuesday, our lives will never be the same. I will never have all of my little girls home with me all the time again. And I will miss you.
Love, Mom


gjan said...

This makes me want to cry. Today with her hair pulled back she reminded me so much of Jason when he was in kindergarten.

Stephens Family said...

Oh, that makes me teary! You know, I still feel that way sending my fifth-grader off to school! But...things will be okay! Tempe will love it and will do great. And you will too...