Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer adventures

At the beginning of the summer, I had big plans.
I was going to organize neighborhood field trips so we could do something fun with our friends every week.
We were going to go to a different park every week.
We were going to explore all the different splash pads in our area.
Uh, yeah. None of that happened.
Besides our sidewalk chalk party and Bookworms activities, we really have not done much to make this summer special.
Ahhhh! School starts in three weeks!!!!
Today my friend Tanya called with a great idea: take the bus to a frozen yogurt place with our kids!

Tim, Tempe, Helena, and Jay (Juno was on my lap) on the bus!

We got there about 10 minutes before the yogurt place opened. The door was still locked, so the kids tried to open it. They were changing "Heave, ho, heave, ho!"

Mmm, it was worth waiting in the hot sun at the bus stop for 20 minutes!
PS When do people develop a sense of what flavors go together? For example, I got vanilla yogurt with mini yogurt chips, blueberries, and granola. Delish, right? Tempe got red velvet cake yogurt with mini Nilla Wafers, PB cups, coconut, sprinkles, Nerds, chopped mango, popping boba, and kiwi lime syrup. Gross.


Stephens Family said...

Oh, that sounds so fun! Glad to hear you all had a fun time together.

And your summer plans sound sort of like mine. I had all sorts of ideas that I never got around to. But I think that's how it goes - and early Fall is still a great time to do some fun things!

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