Wednesday, September 5, 2012

back to school

A new school year is here!
I have been blogging about how much I love the beginning of a new school year for the last few months. It's just such an exciting time, full of the promise of new beginnings.
Yesterday was Tempe's first official day of kindergarten!

Her shirt says "Class of '25". Crazy, huh?? My grandpa was born in '25--1925, that is.
The first day of kindergarten here is more of an orientation--parents are invited and it only lasts for about an hour. Tempe was excited to go on a tour of her new school and meet her teacher, but yesterday definitely didn't feel like the first day of school.
Today Tempe went to school for the normal amount of time and without me. I was nervous that she would be sad when I dropped her off, but she didn't even wave goodbye to me as she went into the classroom!
When I picked her up, she was bursting with news about her new best friends (but she can't remember their names) and all her new experiences. She definitely enjoyed school.
To celebrate the beginning of the school year, I welcomed Tempe home with a giant cookie that said "Happy 1st day of school". We invited a couple of our neighbors over to eat it with us (Tim is in this picture) and it was enjoyed by all.

Happy new school year!

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