Friday, October 5, 2012

Update on our cat situation!

Well, I'm happy to say that I was wrong in my last post.
Momma kitty and all FIVE of her kittens are still living under our shed!
We have been having a blast playing with them all week.
No pictures yet, because my camera battery is dead and I just can't remember to charge it, but here is a description of our cat family:
Mummy: The mother cat. All black with a white chin. Terrified out of her mind of people, but desperate for food. We've been giving her milk, cat food, and pepperoni to help get her strength up and show her that she's safe. Once the kittens are old enough to be separated from her, we'll be saying goodbye to Mummy and taking her to a shelter (if we can get our hands on her, that is)
Smoky: Solid gray, male. We've only held him a few times because he's still pretty shy.
Frankenstein: Mostly black but with white feet, male. He was the second one we found and comes out to play pretty often. He's the runt.
Spook: Solid black, male. We didn't know he even existed until yesterday. You can always tell a Milton Man.
Autumn: Equal mix of black and white, female. She's probably the one we're going to keep. She comes out to play pretty much every day. She's the bravest, the most active, and the only one that's starting to bat at leaves and toys.
Pumpkin: My absolute favorite. Gray tabby with white feet and chin and she's LONG-HAIRED. None of the others are, including Mummy, but Pumpkin is. She is the most adorable ball of fluff that has ever walked the earth. I would love to keep her, but I don't think a long-haired cat (even an outdoor cat) is a good idea with an allergic husband.
Tempe's only waking thoughts this week have been about the cats. She loves them so much!


Megan Lindley said...

So glad they are still there. :-) Yay for Tempe!

Lora said...

Great news! I'm sure Tempe is beside herself thrilled!

Lora said...

And, I'm sure you know, the fur isn't what your husband is allergic to it's the dander from the cat so long or short haired shouldn't make that much of a difference ;)

Stephens Family said...

Are you going to adopt the other kitties out or take them to a shelter with the mommy? I hate to think what happens to them there....

RATCH said...

LOVE. The new header... You have such a cute family. :)