Friday, February 1, 2013


You guys, I'm so sorry.
It's my fault it's been snowing so much here in Utah.
(If you didn't know, we have had such a snowy winter in Utah--and it's only February! People think Utah always has a ton of snow, but the fact is, that's only in the mountains. Down in the valley, we get a couple inches of snow and it lasts for a few days at most. We rarely have snow on the ground for weeks at a time and it's even more rare that we have FEET of snow on the ground! But this year, we've had storm after storm that has dumped snow in the valleys. Right now we have about a foot and a half in the backyard and a foot in the front. Let me tell you, I'm getting mighty tired of shoveling!)
So if you're wondering why it's my fault, I'll show you.

I got these plastic snowflakes at the dollar store way back in November and have been saving them and my little "Let it snow" sign (hanging on the front door) for January. I think they might be imbued with magical snowstorm powers?? I'll be taking them down on Monday to make way for Valentine's Day decor, so we'll see if  that changes anything. 
They are pretty though, aren't they? I love watching them twist and twinkle in the sunlight (which has been pretty rare as well).
Here are some pictures of kids in the snow!!
Tempe and Autumn on the back deck.

This morning we woke up and the SUN WAS SHINING. We haven't had an actual real life clear sunny day in I don't know how long. It was also about 50 degrees! Before we had to leave to run errands this morning, Tempe and Helena spent a long time digging for dinosaur bones in the snow.

Juno doesn't like to go into the snow (it is up to her waist!) but she sat on the front steps and dug in the giant piles by the driveway.  

And I absolutely had to take a picture of that sky. Isn't it gorgeous? Along with a ton of snow, we have had the absolute worst air quality I have EVER seen. I don't know if we had a non red-air day in the whole month of January. It's been so smoggy, you can't see the mountains (we live about half a mile from the base), you can't see the sun in an otherwise clear sky. It's just been nasty out. But today the air is clear, clear, clear and we took advantage of it!

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TC Harris said...

I love the pics of the winter fun. And the LOVELY sky picture!