Wednesday, February 6, 2013

stay in school

Yesterday was free pancake day at Ihop.
Did you go?
We went for breakfast. The girls were so excited that we were going to a restaurant for breakfast, because we never do that. Very exciting.
We enjoyed our pancakes very much, and then this guy came out.

Not my image--thanks, Google
His name is Charlie and he was headed out to the street corner to promote free pancake day. But before he left, he stopped by our table to say hello to my kids. Tempe and Helena were staring at him, slack jawed with glazed eyes, but Juno was cowering behind me.
"Hi, kids, how ya doing?" he said in a falsetto. Tempe and Helena exchanged looks. They didn't say anything. Charlie the pancake stood by our table awkwardly for a moment and then said in his creepy voice, "No hugs or pictures, huh? See ya later!" and walked off to another table.
Juno watched him go. She really can't talk much, but she said "Ba, ba, ba!" (which to her is "no"), and clutched her fists to her chest and made a comically scared face, shaking her head. She was very clear that she did not like Charlie the pancake.
We finished breakfast and were rushing out the car when Charlie came in for what I can only imagine was a much-needed break. He waved goodbye as we walked across the parking lot and called after us, "Ok, stay in school or you'll have to be a giant pancake!"
I kind of wish the characters at Disneyland would give such great life advice.

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