Saturday, March 23, 2013

A big day for Helena!

Yesterday was a big day for Helena!
It was Kindergarten Roundup (orientation) AND we celebrated her fifth birthday!!
Kindergarten Roundup is a chance for incoming kindergartners and their parents to come have a little tour of the the kindergarten classrooms, meet the teachers, and learn about the kindergarten program. Helena was so excited to get her official kindergarten packet in the mail a few weeks ago and she has been looking forward to yesterday afternoon!

Our first stop on the tour was the library. The librarian read a story to the kids and then told them a little bit about what they will do in the library when they start school. Then we had a few minutes to look around. Helena was excited to sit in this reading bathtub they have!

Our next stop were the two kindergarten classrooms. In Tempe's classroom, Helena got to sit at her big sister's desk!

Tempe's kindergarten teacher is moving up to first grade next year, so the new kindergarten teacher introduced herself to the kids and played Bingo with them while the parents got a presentation about the reading program at the school. 
I can't believe I am going to have another kid in school in just a few months! Helena has always seemed so much younger than Tempe, but yesterday seeing her at the school, she looked just like a big kid! She's getting taller, too!
We also celebrated her birthday last night. Her birthday isn't until next Saturday, but this year we decided to do a cousin late night instead of a friend party, and last night was the night we were able to get together.

Maddy, Libby, and Penny came over to have a movie night with Tempe, Helena, and Juno. We started out by spreading out blankets, sleeping bags, couch pillows, and pillow pets all in front of the tv. Then we made Fruit Loop necklaces for a snack during the movie.

Before starting the movie, we sang to Helena and ate cupcakes.

Helena wanted "springtime" cupcakes this year.


Finally it was time for the movie! We watched "Wreck-It Ralph" last week and Helena liked it so much that she chose it for her cousin late night, too. All the girls cuddled and doubled up in sleeping bags (Tempe and Maddy--above--Helena and Libby, and Penny and Juno) and ate their Fruit Loop necklaces.

The girls loved the movie! A cousin late night was so much easier than a friend party that I think we might make the switch permanent :)


Claire said...

I love the fruit loop necklace idea! This sounds like such a fun little party :)

Stephens Family said...

Oh congratulations Helena! I'm sure she is just going to love kindergarten! And I just love that last picture - snuggling with cousins! So cute!