Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Divine garage door intervention

If you’re like me, you shop around a lot when you’re looking for services, be it air conditioning/furnace, plumbing, or getting your garage door serviced. And if you’re like me, you prefer to support local contractors and companies rather than the big name, but not at the expense of your wallet. It always feels good when you find a local company that does good work for a low price—if you’re looking for a place to service garage doors Indianapolis, here’s one you could try!
You might not think that getting your garage door fixed could be a spiritual experience. Well, if there’s anything I’ve learned over the past few years, it’s that anything can be a spiritual experience if your attitude is right. A few months ago our garage door fell off the tracks when I pushed the button to open it. Just—crash! I was horrified. I had no idea what had happened to make it do that! More importantly, I had no idea how much to expect something like that to cost to fix, but it definitely wasn’t something we could just live with.
“If we can just get this fixed for $100, I will be so grateful,” I said in silent prayer. Anything under $100 just seemed like something I could work around in our budget; anything over felt much harder to deal with. After I composed myself, I started making calls. I called quite a few places, left quite a few messages, and the lowest quote I got was for $130. I tried one more number—just a local handyman—and when I got his voicemail, I didn’t even bother leaving a message. I was pretty upset. I finally had decided to just call the place that gave me the lowest quote and set up an appointment, when my phone rang. Now, I normally don’t bother answering numbers I don’t recognize, but I answered this call.
It was the local handyman I had tried 20 minutes earlier. I hadn’t even left a message, but he saw a missed call from my number and called me back. I explained the situation and he said not only could he come fix it in about half an hour, but he could do it for $89!! Of course I said yes, please, and he came and fixed it in just a few minutes without even needing to replace any of the parts.
You might think that’s coincidence, and maybe it was. But I choose to believe that Heavenly Father heard my prayer for a $100 fix and answered it.


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