Friday, May 17, 2013

springtime flowers

My sister-in-law Rachel and I have been through every big event of our adulthood together. We got married, had babies, finished school, supported husbands in school, lived with our parents, and bought houses within a few months of each other. It's been really fun to share all these experiences together!
When Rachel and her husband bought their first house (just a few months after we bought ours), the yard was filled with irises. Not just a few patches, but absolutely filled with prize-winning irises. They kept quite a few, but they wanted room for their kids to play without having to jump over irises, so they gave irises away to all their friends, family, and neighbors.

Like I said, we had just moved in to our first house as well, and our yard was a bit of a mess. Ok, a huge mess. We couldn't afford to spend a lot on the yard, so I jumped at the chance to get some free irises.
They're still a favorite part of our yard. They've spread a ton and I think they brighten up our yard so much!

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