Monday, May 27, 2013

welcome summer!

We spent Saturday and most of Sunday at the cabin for our first of many cabin trips of the summer! Most of the family is staying until Monday afternoon, but we had to leave right after church on Sunday to get ready for our Arrested Development premiere party--more on that later.

Wildflowers covered the mountain! We went for a nature walk on one of the ATV trails on the property and picked bouquets of yellow and blue flowers for Grandma.

I had all the cousins gather smooth, large rocks and baked them in the oven at 250 for 15 minutes until they were pretty warm. Then they "painted" them with crayons. It was really neat! 

Ok, this picture takes some explaining. Jason and I were taking Juno on a bumpy ride. We drove past one of the other cabins and I thought there seemed to be a lot of people in the yard just watching us as we drove by. Well, we soon found out why! As we passed the driveway this green thing rose up out of the ditch and started lumbering after us. We both thought it was a bear for a split second, but when we realized it was a guy in a costume, we started to laugh. We went back to the cabin and told everyone and the little girls immediately wanted to go see it. Grandpa Canyon loaded up the Rhino and took a group down and sure enough, the green thing popped up and ran across the road a couple of times. When we came back around for a third time, he was gone and the people by the cabin yelled "Come back around in a minute, he has to put his costume back on!" That time I got a few pictures. I just love to think of this kid who brought his ?swamp thing? costume and was spending Memorial Day weekend trying to scare people on ATVs.

It's like Beaver Springs' own personal Bigfoot!

Roasting marshmallows! There are fire restrictions most of the summer, so we have to do a fire as often as we can until July.

Helena put a caramel Ghiradelli square and two pink Starbursts on this s'more.

Tempe just wanted to eat the candy plain!

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