Saturday, July 20, 2013

Classic childhood: cardboard boxes

We have air conditioning again!!!
Our AC was old, old, old and we knew it didn't have much time left. So this year when it stopped blowing cold air, we didn't even bother finding out how much it would cost to fix, opting instead to just replace it. It took me a long time (like 12 weeks) to gather bids and choose a company to work with, but last Monday was finally the day and our new unit was installed.
Yippee! Instead of being 82 (minimum) to 94 (maximum) degrees in our house, it is now a pleasant 77 at all times. 
But if you ask my three kids, they will tell you the best part about our new air conditioner is the box it came in.
I cut a door and a window, made a roof with the flaps, and gave the girls some Sharpies to decorate it with. We spent a pleasant afternoon coloring it and playing it. Juno especially loves her "home" and plays in it every day with her "Ah Ah" (monkey), a water bottle, and a few pillows.

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Lisa said...

There's nothing as magical as a big cardboard box!