Thursday, July 4, 2013

When to Get a Window A/C Unit

Chances are that you have seen a window air conditioning unit before. They are called window units because they can be placed in an open window, but more permanent ones are placed in a special hole made in the wall so that there is no extra space around it. Window units are much cheaper than central air conditioning in Columbus, so know when you can get away with just purchasing a window unit for your home or apartment.

A Window Unit Can Work for Some

First, you can get a window unit if you have a relatively small home or apartment. If there are only a few rooms that are all on the same level, the unit should do a good job in cooling them all. Place the unit in the biggest room – usually the living room or kitchen – and leave doors open so that the air can flow freely. If you want, you can even strategically place fans around the house to help the air move faster from one room to another. For this to work, however, you must leave the doors open for all the rooms that you want to get cool air. So it must be in an apartment or house where you do not need much privacy from others living there. Another situation where you can get away with using a window unit is a relatively calm climate. If you do not get very hot summers, you will not need the central air that others in a humid climate need. When the temperature outside is not extreme, you can use the window unit to simply help bring your indoor temperature down to a cooler level.

Finding a Unit

Many used window units can be found for very cheap. This is okay to buy if you are not going to use it for long. However, if you plan to be using the unit for a while, it is worth it to go out and buy a new window unit for a higher price. It will still be much cheaper than central air conditioning in Columbus, and you will get to use the unit for its entire life.

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