Wednesday, August 7, 2013

the end is near!

We are down to just over two weeks left of summer break!
It has gone by so fast. Our summer has been fabulous, thanks in part to my magnetic fridge schedule, lots of fun summer reading opportunities (our summer reading wrap up post is in the works), fun family/neighborhood field trips, and science/art projects nearly every day. I couldn't ask for a more smooth, pleasant summer with all my monkeys home with me!
Well, now that it's August we are starting to think about going back to school. Last year I made a back to school paper chain to count down the days and it was such a hit that I made another this year!
My list of back to school activities has a lot of the same things from last year with an addition of a few more. It focuses on independence skills (using lunchbox, putting on shoes, coats, gloves, etc), reading skills, math skills, social skills, and fine motor skills.
Here's my list!

String beads to make a bracelet or necklace! 
Do a puzzle together! 
Make your own lunch today and pack it in your lunchbox! 
Check out books about going back to school! 
Play alphabet hopscotch on the driveway!
Make a name tag for your backpack!
Make a collage of your favorite healthy foods!
Walk to school and practice crossing the street!
Write a letter to Grandma Lisa--don't forget to sign your name!
Do a getting ready for school obstacle course!
Type a letter on the computer and email it to Daddy at work!
Choose your favorite book and write your name inside the cover!
Crack a secret code!
Go on an alphabet hunt!
Finish your summer reading charts and turn them in!

Even though I'll miss my big girls, I love going back to school and I have a really, really fun back to school family dinner planned for the night before, so stay tuned!

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Jen said...

you are such a good mom!