Sunday, February 2, 2014

January goodness!

Ice sculptures in the snow
I froze a bunch of different shaped ice cubes (muffin trays, mixing bowls, a bundt pan, etc) for the girls to make ice sculptures. It kept them occupied for quite a while one cold day!

Tempe did some sidewalk chalk after her ice sculpture--this says "Love is all you need". Cute!

Window art
I had tons of activities for Tempe and Helena when they were Juno's age--art activities, Play School lessons, cooking experiments, etc. I've really dropped the ball with Juno so I'm trying my best to do more with her! I saw this on No Time for Flashcards. It's just contact paper taped sticky side out to the window and cotton balls and q-tips to stick all over it. I drew some snowflakes before taping the paper up for Juno to try and copy--she mostly just liked cutting the q-tips in half, but some cotton balls did make it up there!

New chairs!
My sweet mom let me pick out these new chairs (they were only $70 from Target, pretty good for chairs!) to replace the hated chairs we had in our living room. I made new pillows for them and the couch and love how it all turned out--this really warrants a whole post on our living room because I finally, after 5 years, like how it looks!

Girls' weekend in San Diego
My mom, sister, and I spent the long weekend in San Diego for a little girls' getaway. It was so much fun and so relaxing! We ate tons of great food, got pedicures, and watched Zombieland. Yes, Zombieland.

Bounce house afternoon
We made a goal in 2012 to read the Book of Mormon as a family and promised our kids we would take them to a bounce house when we finished. Well... after two full years, we finally met our goal! I took the girls to a little bounce house last week to celebrate and they had a blast!

Valentine's Day cloud dough
We tried out this great new playdough recipe that I found on pinterest--cloud dough. One part hair conditioner (we used a floral smell for V day) to two parts cornstarch plus a little food coloring. It turns out super soft and super yummy smelling! I gave the girls lots of pink and red beads, pompoms, and pipe cleaners to make Valentine's Day treats.

Third trimester!
Happy that baby girl should be in my arms in 10-12 weeks! Can't wait to see her!

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