Wednesday, February 19, 2014

June June

I need to take a few minutes and brag about my three year old Juno--or as she calls herself, June June.
She has made so much progress with her talking in the last few months--she's like a different kid! I have a "Quotable Kids" journal that I've kept for the past few years and lately all the entries are about Juno. That's so great! That means she's finally talking enough to be included!!
She has had a speech delay for a long time and was in speech therapy through Early Intervention from age 2-3. She aged out of that program when she turned 3 but still had a severe enough delay to qualify for services (spoken vocab of about 40-50 words, average sentence length of 1.2 words) so she started preschool twice a week. She has made HUGE strides forward in the past few months, though I really think it has nothing to do with her preschool (which I am not very happy with).
NO idea what her spoken vocabulary is now, but I'm sure it's in the hundreds at this point and she speaks in long complex sentences--8+ words. She's also had problems with articulation, but is getting better and strangers/non family members are able to understand her more and more every day. It's so much fun to be able to have a conversation with her now! I feel like I'm finally getting to know her as her own little person.
She has an old cell phone that's "her" phone and she's been making calls all day. Today she said "One minute, Mom, I text somebody." Jason and I have texting blocked on our phones, so I was surprised and innocently said "What's texting?" She rolled her eyes and said "O's and E's, Mom? Send?!" Dumb Mom can't even keep up with technology.
And tonight at dinner she was washing her hands in her soup and Tempe and Helena were laughing (Mom and Dad weren't). Juno got very embarrassed and said "Do not laugh at me, everybody!"
She's darling and has the greatest little personality that is finally starting to shine through--she's a fun kid!

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