Sunday, April 27, 2014

Pearl Diana: where it came from

A couple people have asked about Pearl's name, so I thought I would share her name story here.
For several years, I was 100% set on Georgia for any future daughters. It was a name we considered for #3, but after we settled on Juno instead, I felt sure we would use it if we had another daughter. Georgia is the name of my grandmother's half sister who died when she was five; it's also one of Jason's great-great-grandmother's names (I think it's a double great--maybe just one?) So not only is it a family name on both sides, but we also both really love the song "Going to Georgia" and the name itself. 
For the first half of this pregnancy, I was still completely set on Georgia and didn't even consider other names. If we had a 4th girl, Georgia was it. But then we found out we were actually expecting our 4th girl...
... and suddenly, Georgia just didn't feel quite right. I don't know why, but I knew pretty quickly that Georgia wasn't her name, and Pearl was.
Pearl was on our list with Juno as well but it definitely has never been a front runner. It just felt so right for this baby and now that she's here, I think we definitely made the right choice. She is such a Pearl (or Polly, as we sometimes call her at home). As for Diana, that is Jason's grandma's name, who passed away 10 years ago. Names that end in that -uh sound are really hard to put in the middle spot, but I think Pearl Diana is perfect!


Brooke said...

I love her name! Also, I think you meant to say Diana is Jason's grandma's name. ;)

Kate said...

Oops, yeah, I meant to say Jason's mom's mom's name... grandma is easier :)