Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Poor pictures of my awesome bathroom

It's been six years this month since we moved into our house. Since then, we've painted (and repainted) every room except for the living room (which was already a wonderful shade of olive green that we love), changed tons of light fixtures, built giant bookshelves, put up a huge headboard in the master bedroom, framed bathroom mirrors, added closet doors to the laundry room, made a mudroom in the garage, painted the front door (four times at last count), and painted the kitchen cabinets (pictures coming soon). With all that, there is one room I have just never been happy with.
The hall bathroom. First it was builder beige boring. Then it was bright screaming turquoise. Then it was Pinterest inspired pretty (but with a really bad paint job).
But now... now, I finally LOVE the hall bathroom. Love. I can't stop looking at it!
First up, I had my dad paint the walls and ceiling white (Creamy White by Behr). This was a huge improvement in itself because I had painted the bathroom tan a few years ago and got it all over the ceiling and did an overall terrible job.
Next, I painted the vanity (Happy Camper by Behr). I just used a sample jar in eggshell with the intent of going back and buying a quart--but the eggshell was perfect so it only cost me $3! I love this bright pop of green against the creamy white.
Now comes the crazy part. One gold Sharpie paint pen. One afternoon. This tutorial. I didn't use a level or straight edge when I did mine because I wanted it to look hand-drawn. Turned out ah-ma-zing. The pictures truly do not do this justice at all. The triangles are metallic gold and shimmer on the wall. I love it so much!
Last thing I did was frame the bathroom mirror with scrap wood. I didn't stain or paint it, just left it this lovely natural blond color. I hung our typography map of New Orleans and an awesome print of "Single Ladies" that I got from this Etsy shop. So fun!
Please ignore the shower curtain--I am hoping to pick this one up on our next Ikea trip.
Also, I know these are TERRIBLE pictures. This is a long, narrow room and it is so hard to take good pictures. Just use your imagination or stop by and ask for a personal tour of our Beyonce bathroom :)

Cut glass owl knobs on the vanity and a brown owl vase to hold toothbrushes :)

One thing I love about how this room turned out... I actually like how the original '80s brass fixtures look! If you can't afford to replace everything, just embrace it!

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