Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Utah State Capital + Ensign Peak

You know me, I love taking my kids on special outings!
Last week was spring break. We did our best to do lots of fun stuff, but we were all passing around colds + Pearl was teething like whoa, so it was hard BUT we did manage to go to the park, do tons of yard work, go to Night at the Museum 3 at the dollar theater and the zoo, and have a little field trip to the Utah State capital and Ensign Peak with some friends.

Did you know that the state capital is open to the public? And it's freeeeeeeeeee! If you ask at the front desk, they will even give you an architectural scavenger hunt to do for a prize (spoiler alert, the prize is just a sucker like the kind they give you at the bank). We went up to the second floor and spent 20 minutes finding all the different windows, statues, murals, niches, etc. 

It was a cold, blustery day, so we didn't spend much time walking around the grounds, but I hope to go back this summer and do more exploring!

We also went to Ensign Peak and "hiked" up to the overlook. Look at that view of the city! We live in such a beautiful place. The good thing about all the wind is that there is no smog or pollution right now! There is also great hiking at Ensign Peak that I hope to do more of this summer with my girls. Lots of fun!

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