Tuesday, November 30, 2010

three against one

Yesterday was my first day all alone with all three kids all day long.
It went pretty well. In fact, we even ventured out to Target today because I was going crazy cooped up in the house--we got a ton of snow over the weekend so we haven't been able to play outside.
So far, the hardest part of having three kids is that Juno's arrival coincided with Helena giving up her nap.
Tempe hasn't napped in years, but up until yesterday, she still went to her room for "quiet time" every afternoon while Helena napped. But now that Helena doesn't nap anymore (it's been about a month), I don't know what to do. Helena isn't content to play by herself in a bedroom the way Tempe was. She and Tempe get way too wild if I put them in the same room and tell them to play quietly. I hate sticking them in front of the tv every single day, but I don't really know what else to do--if I don't get at least an hour to myself, I think I will lose my mind. I'm serious.
So what do you do when your kids give up naps?


Jonny said...

send them in the same room as their cousins and then sit back and talk to me! :) You are welcome anytime!

Jonny said...

that was left by Rach, not Jonny---by the way! :)

gjan said...

How about bringing them to grandma's?

The Mommy Teacher said...

I feel like I am right behind you in this #3 is due in April, and my oldest is content to have quiet time, while the 2 year old is just now starting to give me a hard time about napping.... can't wait to see what people say!