Sunday, January 2, 2011

TRC and other funny things

Just some cute things my big kids have been doing lately...
  • Tempe's Primary lesson was about choosing the right today. She told me what her lesson was about: "The mom put two hot cookies on the table, and James ate his cookie really really fast! And Will was his brother and he wanted to eat Will's cookie, but he didn't. He chose the right."
  • Tempe's teachers gave her a CTR ring and when she got in the car after church she said "I have a TRC!"
  • We have candycane hot cocoa and regular hot cocoa. Tempe likes the "flavor" kind and Helena always asks for "boring hot cooca". She thinks normal and boring mean the same thing, I guess.
  • Helena woke up yesterday morning shouting "I have a purple shoe!!" hysterically. Jason went in to calm her down and said "You have a purple shoe?" Helena shouted "No, I NOT have a purple shoe!!" so Jason told her she could ask for one for her birthday. Helena got very upset and said "I not WANT a purple shoe!!" I wish, I wish I could have been having that dream with her.

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