Monday, February 14, 2011

good news!

We got good news at the ortho today!
Juno's hip showed enough improvement that we can continue on with the hip abduction brace. That may not sound like "good" news, but since we aren't facing a reduction or spica cast (not right now, at least), I consider it very good news! She will probably wear the brace 24/7 for another 2 months or more, but she is happy, healthy, and thriving in it, so that is something that I can definitely live with :)
ps Happy Valentine's Day!! We had chicken cordon bleu bread bowls for dinner and chocolate covered strawberry cupcakes for dessert. Yum!!


Jen said...

that is GREAT news!!!

Julie Nickerson said...

I having been praying for Juno! I am so excited you got some good news. Stay encouraged. She will heal!

Sage has her appointment tomorrow. It will be 7 months in a brace (only 12 weeks in the German Abduction brace, which is the one she is making awesome progress in.)

Love the latest picture of Juno! She is getting so big!!!

StacE said...

That's great news! Glad to hear she is doing well.

Margaret said...

So glad you got good news from the doctor. Give Juno a big kiss for me. When she feels like it -- either soon or when she gets done with the brace -- she needs a photo shoot, don't you think? I haven't done pictures of her since she was tiny. Let me know when the two of you are up to it!! :)

Stephens Family said...

Oh, congratulations!! She's been in our prayers. She's such a little cutie! Very good news indeed!

Julie Nickerson said...

Hi Kate,

Just wanted to let you know we saw the Ortho today and Sage is almost healed! I hope this is an encouragement to you as Sage finally started making awesome progress when she was put in the German Abduction brace. Her doctors feel she only needs 6 more weeks in her brace.

I believe Juno will be healed soon. It's great she is in the German Brace so early.