Wednesday, February 16, 2011

a new look

I've never loved our front door. In fact, I think it looked like the front door at an elderly couple's retirement home or assisted living condo. It wasn't me and it didn't reflect my personality at all.

So I decided to do something about it.

I bought a $3 sample jar of Behr paint and yesterday when it got above 50 degrees, I went to town.

Now that is me!

(it doesn't really say "Bam!" on the bricks)

From the street, it's a nice muted dark color. It could be dark blue or even dark gray. But as you get closer, you realize that it's a lovely shade of plum. Or eggplant purple. Or royal purple. Or.... some kind of purple. The actual color is called Legacy from Behr.

I hope all my neighbors don't think I'm crazy.


Margaret said...

Love it! You did a great job!

Lisa said...

That is you!

andrea said...


Stephens Family said...

That's so funny - as I drove past your house today, I noticed your door and thought, "Has it always been that color?" Wasn't it white before? Anyway, I love the color - it's "tastefully bold!"

Candi said...

I loved the picture you posted here, but I wanted to wait until I saw it in person to comment. I drove by today and it looks great! I love fun colored doors (just never got around to doing my own!) LOVE the purple.

Kiwi said...

Did you really paint the whole door with just a sample?

Kate said...

Kiwi--Yep! A $3 sample can from Home Depot was the perfect amount for this door and I still had a tiny bit left over for touch ups!