Saturday, March 12, 2011

we had a good week

I am so grateful for the week that we just had! I really needed it.
We had a tough month in February and I was feeling pretty discouraged. It seemed like every day there was something new to overwhelm me. I was feeling so stressed and taking it out on my kids--yelling at them, making them watch tv so they would leave me alone (they think I was being nice, but really I just couldn't face playing with them. Isn't that sad?) We didn't go to storytime. We didn't bake. We didn't play outside. We didn't read books together. We didn't do our chores. We didn't have morning prayer. We didn't read scriptures together. We ate a lot of cereal for dinner (again, they thought that was great!)
But last week, Juno went back to sleeping long stretches at night, the weather warmed up and the sun came out, and I got out of my rut. We finished "Ramona the Brave" and are almost done with "Beezus and Ramona". I cleaned the house, I made good food for dinner, we baked pound cake and bread, and I even started sewing again!
I {finally} feel like a good mom again!


Christie said...

Yea!! I'm glad things went better this week. February was a rough month for your family!

Laura said...

Thank you for being honest about these things. It makes those of us afraid to be so honest not feel so alone. I just had the same kind of month and just now came out of my moody blues too :) It feels great doesn't it?

Jonny said...

Kate, we all have weeks, days or moments like that~ you are a great mom! Don't ever forget it! -Rach

Rachel said...

I love reading your blog, thanks for sharing, Kate!