Monday, May 23, 2011


Today was Jason's day off, so we went to the zoo. We have a membership and we definitely get our money's worth!

Right now the Hogle Zoo has an awesome dinosaur display. There are a dozen animatronic dinosaurs scattered throughout the park that move and roar! They are so neat and we had a great time seeing them--and getting sprayed by them! Remember that part on Jurassic Park where the fat guy from Seinfeld gets sprayed by the poison dinosaurs? Yeah.

Tempe went as close as she could get to the first one we saw (a mommy and baby Stegosaurus) but Helena was nervous. She stayed back about 15 feet screaming "Don't go too close, Tempe!!"

There's even a T-rex that you can ride on! Helena wouldn't go near this one, either. Heck, she's terrified of the elephant statue that sprays water.

She did, however, agree to pose with Dad in this picture. This was the best dinosaur there--it's eyes moved and it roared. It was scary!

Looks like I got there just in time!!
These dinosaurs look really lame in the pictures, but they were cool. If you don't believe me, go check them out--they'll be there until August!

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The Hiller Family said...

looks like the same ones that were here in Portland last year! We loved them too!