Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Tempe and Helena (and I) loooooove the movie Tangled.

They haven't quite got the proper pronounciation of her name down yet, but they love to pretend they are locked in the tower with super long blond hair.

"And we have a mean mom... but the mom isn't you, Mom!!"
Thanks for the reassurance.

Anyway, I decided they could use some Rapunzel hair, so I picked up some yellow yarn and made this long braid for them to play with. I won't lie, it was tedious to make, because the stupid yarn kept tangling as I laid it all out. But it turned out pretty cute and they are smitten.

{Please excuse the blurry child--she won't hold still long enough to take a decent picture}


Claire said...

wow, that is TOO cute, I love her little pose :)

Rachel said...

OH my...adorable! hahah I love her expression "Oh, hi, I didn't see you there, don't mind me, I'm just playing with my long blond locks like a perfect little lady!" Adorable, your girls are so great & you're so creative! I love reading your blog, Kate!