Sunday, July 10, 2011

Quiet time baskets: Pioneers

The worst thing that could ever happen to a SAHM happened to me the week Juno was born.

Helena gave up her nap.

Tempe gave up her nap years ago, but was still perfectly happy to play quietly in her room while Helena slept so I could have a break. But Helena refused to play by herself in her room, and if she was downstairs, of course Tempe wanted to be downstairs, too. I tried everything, but I finally had to accept that my kids were done napping. I suffered through it for a few months but I soon realized that for my sanity, I need a break after lunch--to nap, to read, to recharge. So I started letting the girls watch a movie every day after lunch.

I hate doing that. I hate setting my kids in front of the TV, but I realized that it's better for them to watch a bunch of TV and have a happy mom than for me to scream at them all the time.

Anyway, I still let them watch a movie every day, but before we do that, we spend half an hour with our Quiet Time baskets. I put the four baskets out on the rug and set the timer for 10 minutes. The girls can choose to play with one of the baskets, look at library books, or do an art project. After the timer goes off, they can stay where they are or choose something new.

My Quiet Time baskets are inspired by these Montessori-style baskets. Currently we have an alphabet basket, a counting basket, a getting dressed basket, and in honor of Utah's upcoming holiday, this pioneer basket.

There's a Little House picture book, a book called Pioneer Tales (I wanted I Walked to Zion but it's out of print!!), a pioneer bonnet, a teeny log cabin we got at DI, a dollhouse cast iron stove, and two of the dolls from my childhood dollhouse.

I'm excited to rotate activities and themes through these baskets! The girls still don't understand the point, but I hope soon they enjoy playing quietly for a few minutes each afternoon.

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Jamie said...

Cute idea;) I love the pioneer day basket... have been thinking about doing some pioneer activities this week:) Thanks for the starting point! Miss you!