Monday, August 29, 2011

Applesauce play-doh = a mistake

So remember how I was trying to come up with a baby-friendly edible play-doh? I thought if I mixed enough powdered sugar and powdered milk into applesauce, that would do the trick. So I mixed about 3 cups of powdered milk and a whole pound of powdered sugar into HALF A CAN of applesauce.

I also killed the motor on my failing hand mixer (maybe a stand mixer is in my future?!?!)

Just so you know...

Applesauce does not work.

Ok, it's a little gloppy, but it might be ok, right??

Juno was excited to smush it up...
And so were Tempe and Helena...
The problem came a few minutes later. This "play-doh" really had the consistency more of say, radioactive slime, and after a few minutes of very very very messy play, it started hardening on their hands.
They all started to freak out.
So I spent half an hour scraping it off their skin and then chiseling it off the counter, bowl, high chair tray, and trashcan.


Jessica said... This link has tons of different kinds of edible play doughs.

Jessica said...

If you want to make an applesauce dough you can use this recipe

Margaret said...

Looks like it was fun for the first few minutes, though! :)

Stephens Family said...

Boy, you are such a good mom for even wanting to give your kids playdough of any kind! I always look at it and think - uh, no. Too messy. But you're awesome. Hey, have you tried oobleck?