Saturday, August 20, 2011

Peanut butter playdough

We're trying to cut back on tv here (we even canceled Dish!) That mean a bit more creativity on my part than letting Tempe and Helena watch Curious George/Arthur every single day while I make dinner.

Last week we made a batch of peanut butter playdough to go with the adorable woodland creatures cookie cutters that I got at Ikea. When it's time to work in the kitchen, I give them each a ball of peanut butter playdough (equal parts powdered sugar and creamy peanut butter), a handful of raisins and cheerios, cookie cutters and a rolling pin. Tempe and Helena love making "cookies" while I make dinner. Double points: this is a sensory activity and a fine motor exercise. Plus, it's pretty tasty!

Maybe you don't know this about Tempe--she loves moose (I always want to add an "s" to the end of that word). They are her favorite animal!

Juno hasn't been able to participate in this activity, because she's not 1 yet. I'm contemplating what other ingredient I could combine with powdered sugar to make edible playdough for babies. Mashed bananas? Applesauce? Any ideas?


Choosy mom said...

I use sunflower seed butter for Caden. It's at pretty much any grocery store

Avery and Elle's mom, Sarah said...

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing! Also, it's pretty funny that her favorite animal is a moose, of all things.

Denise Faulkner said...

Thanks for the activity.... Making dinner is my most stressful time of day! I am always looking for new entertainment:)