Monday, August 22, 2011

Quiet time basket: Alphabet

One of the first quiet time baskets I put together was this very basic alphabet basket.


AlphaOops! The Day Z Went First by Alethea Kontiss

A, You're Adorable by Martha Alexander, Buddy Kaye, Fred Wise, and Sidney Lippman

Tempe's personalized alphabet book

Alphabet sorting game: the alphabet cardstock cards are from a craft store and the container is a bead sorting container.
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom activity: I swear I thought of this on my own, over a month ago, but I just saw it on someone's linky. BOO! I hate when that happens. Anyway, it's an old cookie sheet with a tree painted on it and a set of alphabet magnets. We had fun playing with this! I would cover the whole tree with letters and then ask the girls to pick me a letter A, or a letter H, and they would find it for me. You could teach vowels and consonants with this, too.

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