Thursday, August 25, 2011

Quiet time basket: Counting

This basket was one of the first four that I put together and for some reason was Tempe's favorite (I think it was pretty boring).

1 is One by Tasha Tudor: gorgeous illustrations and fun rhyme.

Two child-made abacuses. They made these in Bible School out of dowels, beads, styrofoam, and duct tape!

A calculator.

Number flash cards from 1-20 on a ring with 20 beads.

A jar of pennnies and a piggy bank. I didn't actually do this, but I was going to trace the pennies on a piece of cardboard and number each circle, so the girls could lay the pennies out in the circles and count them. I chose pennies because they are worth 1, as opposed to nickels or dimes. But I never got around to that, so I just added the piggy bank and they had fun filling it up, dumping it out, filling it up, dumping it out, over and over and over...

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