Monday, October 31, 2011

Boo! It's Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!

We had a lovely evening trick-or-treating. The weather was perfect here--65 degrees and sunny all day, and still 60 degrees when we were out. It was a vast improvement over last year, where it was pouring buckets of rain and freezing. We hit most of the houses in our neighborhood, including the cotton candy house AND the Kool-Aid house AND the glow sticks house, and then drove over to Jason's parent's house to trick-or-treat to them (they give out full size candy bars!)

This year, Tempe and Helena wanted to be unicorns--I used Family Fun's idea to make yarn manes and tails and a fabric horn and safety pinned everything onto hooded sweatshirts. Jason was a grunge fan from the '90s (basically himself 15 years ago), and Juno had a pick your own adventure costume--she could have been Little Bo Peep, Pollyanna, Scarlett O'Hara, or a porcelain doll, whichever you think is cutest. For her costume, I found the flounciest, ruffliest dress ever at DI and a straw hat with a bunch of flowers and long ribbons trailing from it. Then I got a real porcelain doll (also from DI) and cut the ringlets off, sewed them to a strip of felt, and glued the felt to the underside of her hat. She was way cute!!

So for my costume, I decided to be a character from a scary story I read to the girls earlier this week. Who remembers the folk tale about the girl that wore a ribbon around her neck all the time, her entire life, and when she was old and dying, her husband untied it and her head fell off?
Yeah, that's who I was. I just tied a ribbon around my neck. It sounds dumb, but Tempe is completely and utterly intrigued with that story, so she thought it was awesome!
I thought it was funny how we all decided to do different things with our pumpkins this year. Juno did nothing, Tempe wanted to carve hers, Jason etched the words 'And so it goes' into his, I used an antiquing glaze on mine (pretty much the most boring thing you could ever do to a white pumpkin) and Helena painted hers green. She just used acrylic craft paint, but on the pumpkin surface it turned into almost chalkboard paint. We spent all week writing on her pumpkin with chalk and drawing different faces on it--fun!
And now Halloween is over, and November is nearly here. Next up--Juno's first birthday party!


dougandcheryl said...

The girls look so cute. That unicorn costume is what my oldest wanted to be but I couldn't find matching hoodie and pants that were purple when I was looking so she was a cat instead...
until trick or treating day when I made her the ugliest horn ever and she was a mismatched unicorn.
Those costumes look great. I'm sure they loved them!

Kate said...

Thanks! Hahah, a mismatched unicorn is fun, too! Our horns didn't stay "up" the way they were supposed to, and their hoods would. not. stay on their heads, but it's the effort that counts, right?